2399. Good Friday 2022

WARNING: Not a nice story

Valentyna had four children. They were trapped in the centre of the city surround by invading Russians. Her fourteen-year-old son, Bohdan, had gone out for an hour or so in search of some food. Her husband had volunteered to fight the Russians. She did not know if he was dead or alive.

There was a knock at the door. It was a nice man who said “Quick! Gather the children and we can take you out of the city and into a safer place.”

“But I have a son who may not be back for an hour or so.”

“It’s now or never,” said the man.

Valentyna made a decision. She gathered the three children and left.

“It is safer,” said the man, “for the children to travel with other children and you will be reunited at the point of arrival.”

The children left on a bus. Valentyna boarded another bus. She never saw her children again. They were taken and shot. She was bused to a Russian “Filtration Camp”.

23 thoughts on “2399. Good Friday 2022

      1. umashankar

        It’s a long story of dereliction of local talent in favour of affirmative action which is bordering on criminality now. What has this got to do with Modi sitting on the fence, you’d wonder. Flight of talent to developed economies. Consequently, about 70% of Indian defence hardware is Russian, for whatever it’s worth, and continued supply of spares is an issue difficult to ignore. Again, about 80% of Pakistani military weapons have been supplied by our dear friend USA to them, ostensibly to protect themselves against Afghanistan, and the same have been used against us repeatedly. Is it a wonder M is sitting on a fence?

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  1. Nitin Lalit

    War is terrifying, but like the previous commenter said, the human capacity for evil is limitless. I agree that with God’s help people can love, but how many find God? Sadly power, status, prestige and fame make people forget about anything remotely connected to God. But a bigger question, I’d ask is why God doesn’t seek out everyone, and an enormously big question is where did evil come from if everything was created good?

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      1. Nitin Lalit

        I know. But how? He was also created good, and so didn’t even know what evil even was. How then did the notion of disobeying God enter his mind? If you dig deep, there is only one scary answer: God inculpably caused his fall.

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