2386. The time is tripe

Brenda’s husband, Colm, detested tripe; whereas Brenda loved it. It was Brenda who did most of the cooking, which is why Colm was subjected to a meal of tripe at least once a month.

Brenda hadn’t moved an inch in the fourteen years they had been married. At first, love overruled any tripe-dislike on Colm’s part. He heartily consumed it. But such action grows thin and now it was a massive monthly chore and had been that way for a dozen or so years. Indeed the marriage had grown decidedly rocky.

Brenda had always worked the night shift at the factory, which meant she would prepare a meal before leaving for work. From Colm’s point of view this was a blessing as he didn’t have to pretend to enjoy eating the tripe. However, he was a waste-not-want-not sort of guy so even though he detested tripe he forced himself to eat it. It wasn’t going to kill him and it was only once every four weeks or so.

It was Colm’s detestation of tripe that prompted Brenda to use the dish when she decided to poison her husband. He so disliked the taste that he would gulp it down, poison and all, with a grimace. The stage was set. Brenda went off to work.

Fourteen years of disgusting tripe is enough. Colm took his dish of tripe outside and buried it in the garden. As Anita from up the road said to Colm in the motel that evening: “Thank goodness you’ve at last taken a stand against that conniving, tripe-cooking lowlife. When tomorrow we begin to setup shop together I shall cook you a mean jellied eel.”


31 thoughts on “2386. The time is tripe

                    1. Badfinger (Max)

                      I do a couple times a week since I have to drive to work. Where I live you have to travel a bit…where I work…they are all around.

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                    2. Bruce Goodman Post author

                      I can’t believe how boring I’ve become. I visit the supermarket once a week to get stuff and have to wear a mask. (My cheap fabric mask in disposable after 1 use and I have used it now for two years!) Apart from that the highlight in the last 12 months has been an appointment at the opticians!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Badfinger (Max)

                      I want to be boring! I’m looking for another job right now that allows me to work from home more.
                      The mask wearing is cutting down hear now. I usually wear mine but whenever no one else does…it’s kinda like…why bother?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Badfinger (Max)

                      In my business… IT… never stops. I’m going to try Bruce…at least a week at work and a week home. I’ll take that.
                      Yea I know a lot of people that went broke…slowly they are coming back.

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