2380. An adventure sprung

Randolph so enjoyed his trip to town. He hadn’t planned on going, but… the best laid plans of mice and men…

One never knows what surprises Fate might spring before the day is o’er. What a glorious day to go into town! The sky was blue. High up clouds raced in the heavens, but here on land there was the loveliest of breezes. Wind in the face was what Randolph enjoyed! And enjoy it he did all the way to town. As did his friends who were coming with him.

Once in town they were ready for the promised adventure. It was an unplanned mystery tour. Did I mention that Randolph was a sheep? He was unaware he was being taken to the slaughter house.

24 thoughts on “2380. An adventure sprung

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              We have an expression in New Zealand: “Rattle your dags” which means “Get a move on” or “Hurry up”. Dags are the sheep’s droppings that are stuck in the wool at the back of the sheep that rattle when the sheep runs. So “Rattle your dags” means “Move it!”

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