2372. Run-of-the-mill day

(I had another story scheduled for today but have taken it down because it was about contemporary events and at present they are making me irrational. So I wrote another).

Salathiel Twigg woke up that morning and wasn’t quite sure how to fill in his day. Some days would fill in themselves; other days crawled on like they would never end. But today would not be a crawl-along day; it was going to be one of consequence.

After he showered and dressed (he always did that in the same boring order) he had breakfast. There was a cold sausage in the fridge left over from the previous day’s dinner. He microwaved it (just to take the chill off) and had it with a slice of buttered toast. He needed to go shopping for groceries and one of the things needed was tomato sauce. However, for the time being, he ate the unchilled sausage without any tomato sauce.

He could have used pickle because he had an unopened jar of chilli pickle in his pantry but he couldn’t get the lid off, and the get-the-lid-off-a-jar contraption was in a drawer for some reason in another room. So he couldn’t be bothered getting it and ate the sausage just as it was.

After that fairly run-of-the-mill opening, the day could only get better. And hopefully it did. After breakfast, he left his home to join his neighbours who were fighting the invading Russians. He had never done anything like that before and was more than a bit scared.


26 thoughts on “2372. Run-of-the-mill day

  1. observationblogger

    It’s a sad, but inevitable eventuality of a US Presidency which has always been about splintering than bonding the West.
    Those people fighting in Ukraine are heroes. My son and I said if we were Ukranians we would fight.
    Former heavyweight boxing champ Klitschko and his brother have vowed to fight for Ukraine. Legends.

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      1. Herb

        Well, over here we always use the excuse that they messed up the great-grandfather’s name at Ellis Island. But you know that names come from a lot of different sources. Or perhaps he was a naturalized Ukrainian citizen.

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          1. Herb

            lol. Yes, it was pretty bad sometimes. I heard the story of an owner of a Chinese Laundry with the name, “Joe Swidersky’s Chinese Laundry.” He had been behind Joe in the line and when they asked him his name he said, “Sam Ting.” That’s what I heard somewhere anyway…

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