2364.  The proof is in the pudding

Connie and Ricky Popsov had been invited to dinner at the home of Gigi and Neil Gladsbury. All four were looking forward to it because Connie and Neil were having a secret affair, and Gigi and Ricky were having a secret affair.

Connie had phoned Gigi and offered to bring dessert. It was a gesture that Gigi accepted because she was having an unbelievable busy week at work and had worked late every night. “I’ve been so busy that I’m having to get my sister-in-law to cook the main dish.” “You’re not alone in being busy,” said Connie. “Ricky has been busy too and hasn’t been home before ten all week“.

During the delightful pre-dinner drinks Gigi was able to discreetly ask Ricky when he intended to kill off her husband Neil. “You said you were going to poison him,” said Gigi.

“The proof is in the pudding,” whispered Ricky.

But there was no need to wait until pudding. It all happened during the first course. Connie and Neil dropped dead after several mouthfuls of chicken breast. Gigi and Ricky were now free to wed.

“The proof this time,” laughed Lorna of 24 Hillsbury Crescent who had prepared the chicken breasts and was Gigi’s sister-in-law, “is not in the pudding.”


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