2363.  Get some of her own medicine

Pearl was on substantial heart medication. She was on eight pills in the morning and three pills in the evening. The pills worked a treat. She got no or little angina. She was reasonably busy and played an active part in the local lawn bowls club.

“The thing that gets me down and causes untold stress is my husband of forty-seven years. Selwyn has Alzheimer’s, has one prosthetic leg, is blind in one eye, and is incontinent. I know it sounds awful, but I wish he would die – perhaps painlessly in his sleep. Something like that.”

But Selwyn had no intention of doing such a thing. He lived on ceaselessly.

Pearl worked out a plan. She would overdose him with her heart medication. He wouldn’t have a clue what was happening. So she did that and Selwyn died “painlessly in his sleep”.

Of course, she had used up all of the heart medication that had been prescribed for the month.  Pearl died of heart disease a week after neglecting her medicine.

Post-mortems revealed the truth. As Lorna of 34 Hillsbury Crescent said, “It wouldn’t have hurt for her to have gotten some of her own medicine.”

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