2362.  Make a beeline for

“In the event of an earthquake,” said Randolph to his factory workers, “make a beeline for the nearest exit.”

“But,” said Gilbert who operated the knitting machine, “that’s the last thing you should do. Stay inside and get under a table or something.”

”What nonsense,” said Randolph. “I say make a beeline for the nearest exit and get out in the open.”

A week later there was a substantial earthquake. The workers got under tables or stood in the strong-framed doorways. Randolph made a beeline for the nearest exit. As he exited through the door a brick from the outside façade of the building fell down and hit him on the head.

“That’s what happens,” said Lorna of 34 Hillsbury Crescent, “when you make a beeline for the nearest exit.”


26 thoughts on “2362.  Make a beeline for

  1. noelleg44

    I remember our earthquakes in California when we would go stand in a doorway. Of course, there were always the surfers ready to go out and surf the big ones that might just roll in. We were wondering how far east they could go!

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