2356. My Valentine

Look, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s yet another thing invented by sales people to make a buck or two. Those who sell chocolates and roses and cards must be making a packet. They’re swimming in dough. So for that reason I don’t support such superficial observances.

My friend, Sandra, commemorates Valentine’s Day. Her boyfriend always sends her a dozen roses; although he never lets on that it’s him, but we all know it’s him that sends them. Sandra is always over the moon and goes sloppy and it’s pathetic to see her go on and on about love and nonsense. She’s like a wet dishcloth when it comes to love – all a bit slimy and yucky. I’m not surprised she would commemorate something as phoney as Valentine’s. I’m not into bogus things like that.

This is the second year that no one has sent me flowers.


31 thoughts on “2356. My Valentine

      1. arlingwoman

        We used to give them to each other as school kids, so I don’t think the engaged couple thing has ever been an exclusive tradition here. I think UK and Commonwealth may be different–we’ve been told not to send valentines to friends in UK as it’s only a romantic thing. But I got one in the form of a cookie from a good friend, and an e-card from my sister-in-law… I was awful and didn’t send any…(see the pressure makes you feel bad…;-)

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  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    I’ve worked in corporate offices for a long time. Some of the women were really catty to each other and almost would compete at Valentines day…I caught one of them buying flowers…for themselves and having them delievered with another name..just to brag to the other women….

    I’m pretty smart at times…I kept my mouth shut.

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      1. Sarah Angleton

        You’re not missing a lot. He started out as a decent thriller writer and now just lends his big name to lesser known writers that he “mentors.” Then he takes a good percentage of the money without doing any of the writing. Though I suspect he probably did actually write the one he co-authored with Bill Clinton.

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