2348. A meeting of meats

Of course it was extremely unlikely that unattached Heather and unattached Colin would accidentally bump into each other in the meat section of their local grocery store. An accidental meeting (and ensuing blossoming romance) has to be ruled out because Heather went for the more deli-type meats such as salamis and stuffed quail, whereas Colin went for “proper meat” such as beef, lamb, and pork. Proper meat was what a real man devoured. In fact, Colin detested “all this foreign crap” that had invaded the meat shelves in recent years. The deli-meat section and the proper-meat section were at either ends of the aisle. They couldn’t possibly meet.

But Heather and Colin met in the confectionary section of the store. Both had a sweet tooth. On the first time they bumped into each other they chatted for thirty-five minutes surrounded by chocolates and toffees.

These days (several weeks later) Colin shops for Madrange Jambon de Paris Ham, Smoked Goose, and Cured Acorn Fed Iberico Underloin.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a marriage proposal is in the air.

29 thoughts on “2348. A meeting of meats

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              You are probably better (and different) because you figured things out yourself. I never liked theory and even today don’t understand much. The secret is to play/create what you like – it’s what every great composer has done (including the classical composers). All music theory is made up AFTER the fact – theory simply tries to explain what the great composers have invented!

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              1. badfinger20 (Max)

                Well I guess I’ve got by this far! I would like to know what chords go with what chords best…but I hate rules…so…yea I probably would not like it.

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