2343. When you were twelve

It wasn’t something Vernon was that keen on. His mother had said “Make sure you and your friend, Bertie, don’t go anywhere near that waterfall.” Vernon was only too pleased not to go near the waterfall because he was a bit scared of it, and had been so all his life. In his short twelve years there had been at least one report of someone drowning at the waterfall. Bertie, however, was another thing altogether. To rock climb to underneath the waterfall was a daring thing to do. It’s what every second adventuresome boy had done in the good old days.

Today there was a fence that prevented people from getting too near the waterfall. There was also a big sign warning of the danger. Neither the fence nor the sign stopped Bertie, and poor Vernon tagged along. You can’t say to a friend in such circumstances, “You go on ahead and I’ll wait here.” The waiting is possibly worse than the going. And besides, if he gets into trouble he’ll need help.

So over the fence and off they went. Many a twelve year old has been as audacious and daring!

It was the best fun they’d had in ages.

24 thoughts on “2343. When you were twelve

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    I’ve known a parent not to let their kid climb a tree or do anything dangerous…that kid ended up socially awkward and always afraid to take a chance…to his detriment.

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  2. Sarah Angleton

    I’ve always assumed that my children listen to me when I warn them away from danger, while knowing full well that I was the kid who never listened and always did the dangerous thing. Good thing they’re nothing like me or their dad, who I’m fairly certain was also one of those kids. Actually, this story makes me a little anxious. But that waterfall sure does look like a lot of fun.

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