2341. Street corner beggar

When Cindy dropped a five dollar note into the hat of a beggar on the street corner, she had little idea who she was giving the money to.

Life is full of surprises and once in a blue moon a little act of kindness can lead to big things. The beggar wasn’t a beggar at all but was heavily disguised. He thanked Cindy for her kind donation, and Cindy couldn’t help but think that his voice and accent didn’t really match what she presumed was his situation in life.

“He sounds,” thought Cindy, “that he has had a rather expensive ivy-league education. It just goes to show that bad luck can befall anyone in life. Perhaps he is a fallen doctor. Or a failed lawyer. Perhaps he is a billionaire who has simply lost his way.”

Once a week Cindy continued to drop a five dollar note into the beggar’s hat. And then one day, the beggar decided to reveal his true identity. He stabbed Cindy there and then with his Swiss Army Pocket Knife. The beggar was none other than the highly-wanted murderous paedophile that had been plaguing the suburb for months.

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