Poem 109: Dawn chorus

(This is the third poem for the year – and the last in the Kyrielle form at least for the time being.)

I wake to hear the morning call
Of songbirds waking on the wing.
Cacophony of birdsongs brawl!
Such songs the many songbirds sing!

Developers have cut down trees;
Bird orchestra has lost some strings.
Yet still the birdsong fills the breeze!
Such song the lonely songbird sings!

This year the songs are quiet and few.
There’s little hope the songbirds bring.
The birds have flown like morning dew!
No songs the scattered songbirds sing!

The teacher says: Now hear the “Cheep!”
Recorded that these creatures sprang
Each morning while we tried to sleep.
This here’s the noise a songbird sang!

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.

24 thoughts on “Poem 109: Dawn chorus

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes, it’s me – but I just turn it on and read it – and usually there are other people in the house so I don’t like to be heard doing it! I usually only do it the once even if there’s a mistake unless a line is changed later or something.

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  1. Yvonne

    After reading Bruce’s poem, I stepped outside to check on the water for our alpaca, and was more aware of the sounds of the many birds we have in our semi-rural area. I hope it stays that way.

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      1. Catxman

        It is always good when poets rejoin each other’s company
        Their merits overlap like currency in times of plenty
        A wink, a smile, a bow to give
        Without the praise of others we cannot live!

        Your poem beats mine, Bruce. I tried. \ really did. 😉 But seriously I like yours better. Hard for an arrogant sod like myself to admit. But there you have it.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you for your commeny. I have had (thus far) a peek at your poems on your website. It is interesting to me because I “challenge myself” in a different direction: writing mainly in traditional poetic forms. I’m not a slave to it, but I find it a challenging and interesting thing to do!



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