Poem 106: Beach walk

Hello everyone. I thought as a final posting for the year I would post a poem! It has nothing to do with the New or Old Year!

The form of the poem is a Sestina. It is a form used in some French poetry, and I find it quite hard to write. Anyway, I thought I would give it a go!

I battle long and empty beach.
I fight against the wind.
White manes of horses crash
to shore in wild spray.
My thoughts are tangled all adrift
and drown in angry waves.

I cannot hear for noise of waves
the calls of birds on beach.
They fight to fly, are cast adrift
as victims of the wind.
Their wings are torn like salted spray
as on the dunes they crash.

I long for calm as waters crash;
I’ll quiet the seething waves.
The sanded, salted, pitting spray
face-stings my walk on beach.
Christ calmed a storm, Christ calmed the wind;
Why set my mind adrift?

A fisher’s boat was tossed adrift
and pummelled in a crash.
Yet none about, no voice in wind,
no drownings in the waves.
Just one abandoned boat on beach
left to sand and spray.

The storm intensifies its spray,
the boat is freed adrift,
the sand blows mad along the beach,
the skies unleash its crash.
Waves no longer follow waves
but roil in the wind.

At last a blue patch in the wind;
less biting of the spray;
a quietening of deafening waves.
My mind unbound adrift.
My thoughts are stilled, though whitecaps crash,
and peace returns to beach.

My thoughts the wind released adrift.
Thoughts spray as ordered breakers crash.
Peace now waves goodbye to storm on empty beach.

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.

32 thoughts on “Poem 106: Beach walk

  1. umashankar

    It is a very skilfully written poem, and I just don’t mean the style. What surprised me is the ease with which the fierceness of elements has been fused with the tumult inside the poet’s mind. The crashing waves, the sea birds gone wild, the sand and skies have all become vivid metaphors. The sudden calm hints at a resolution, a finding of peace with oneself. Thank you for this exquisite piece.

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  2. judyrutrider

    Let me preface my comment with, I really don’t like poetry. That said, I flog myself to try to understand its appeal. I recently tried to read Pablo Naruda’s Residence on Earth and found yours to be infinitely more accessible. I don’t know if that’s praise or criticism. Nevertheless, I’m always impressed by your talent.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you so much Judy. I struggle with a lot of modern/contemporary poetry. I try to read one a day and more often than not struggle to know what it’s about! No bull! Sometimes I think the emperor has no clothes.


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