2315. A bad week

From the moment Danny Hicks walked into that casino, Lady Luck was on his side. He’d had a shocking week, to put things mildly. His wife had run off with Buck Moxon and she wasn’t coming back. Buck Moxon was a local truck driver noted for his philandering.

Then his fridge had broken down and needed replacing. He really didn’t have enough money to do that but a fridge is a fridge and he needed to store his milk and beer somewhere. The only good thing about the broken fridge was when Buck Moxon came to collect the wife’s stuff Danny Hicks said “You might as well take the fridge” so Buck Moxon did.

That was before Buck Moxon’s lawyer tried to take everything Danny owned. After that Danny swore that if he ever saw Buck Moxon again he’d shoot him point blank in the head. He usually carried a hand gun.

Anyway, Danny thought he’d spend a couple of dollars in the casino to take his mind off things. From the moment Danny Hicks walked into that casino, Lady Luck was on his side; Buck Moxon was playing the slot machine right next to the door.

20 thoughts on “2315. A bad week

  1. Lucy

    Ahhhhh, this is so good. Was not expecting that ending, even though I know you throw in those wicked twists. Loved this story, guess Lady Luck was right where she needed to be. Can’t say the same about the other guy. 😂

    Liked by 2 people


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