2314. Granny Hoppy

Granny Hoppy was called Granny Hoppy by her seventeen grandchildren because she had a cat with only three legs. It identified her from the other grannies who were known as Granny Mary or Granny Thelma or whatever because those were their names.

Of course every Christmas Granny Hoppy would get a little gift from each grandchild. Usually it was something small or something homemade. For example, granddaughter Heather had knitted her a little woollen thing that went over the back of an armchair when you rested your head. Grandson Miles had given her a little ceramic deer from a second hand shop.

Each Christmas Granny Hoppy would make a list as to who gave what. If she didn’t make a list she would get confused because the minute a family of grandchildren arrived she would get out the gifts that had been specifically given by those grandchildren. There were far too many gifts to have them all out at once. So the ones in use were the ones from whoever was visiting her. Quite often a grandchild would say, “Granny Hoppy you’re using the present I gave you!”

The system worked well enough, and it kept Granny Hoppy “on her toes” as she liked to say.

Next week it’s Granny Hoppy’s seventieth birthday. They’ll all be there…

23 thoughts on “2314. Granny Hoppy

  1. jeannejam40

    I have two grandchildren plus spouses, then add two extra grandsons, unrelated ( long story) . That results in many gifts but fortunately they all know I love dark chocolate so I have nothing to save. The three great grandchildren are still too young to add to the gifts. I wonder how much fatter I will get when they add a few years!

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  2. umashankar

    It is indeed a complicated business, this receiving, cataloguing and reassigning of the gifts. It calls for inventory management skills of the highest order that no owner of a three-legged cat can achieve without shedding sweat.

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  3. Sarah Angleton

    My parents no longer decorate a tree until after Christmas when we all begin to arrive. It has no lights or garland or tinsel. It only has the ornaments their eight grandchildren have made for them over the years. Then they have the grandchildren help them take down the tree. It’s probably not up for even 24 hours.

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