2305. Feisty waitress

The waitress walked over and whispered in my ear, “You have to leave because your life is in danger”.

I left immediately and watched furtively through the restaurant window on the street. Was there a gunman? Was the kitchen on fire? Everyone else in the restaurant was leaving as well. The waitress was doing a round of the tables and whispering in everyone’s ear. Finally she herself left.

“What was that about?” I asked her as she came out on the street.

“I have been fired,” she said, “and was given 5 minutes to leave the property. I put the 5 minutes to good use.”

12 thoughts on “2305. Feisty waitress

  1. observationblogger

    6 months later the former waitress was unable to pay her rent for the exorbitant costs in damages a court mandated she pay the restaurant. She found herself homeless under the bridge by the restaurant, scurrying out on occasion blubbering to ingoing patrons their lives were in danger if they proceeded to enter. The restaurant is currently insolvent.

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