2296. Friends on a road trip

A road trip was just the thing for me and my friend. We would drive from one side of the country to the other, sell the car upon arrival, and fly back home. There was no hurry. We could enjoy the adventure that every day could bring. In fact we had allowed for several months of adventure.

Around the fourth day we started to argue. He wanted to turn left and I want to turn right. He wanted to see the city and I wanted to see the national park. In the end I gave in and we went to the city.

Once we were in the city he said he was taking the night off and went off clubbing somewhere and probably got drunk or whatever. I was left alone, so I took the vehicle and started to drive the few days home.

When I got home he was already back. He’d flown. So we had a huge row and that was the last time we spoke.

16 thoughts on “2296. Friends on a road trip

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      We could do with some Australian sunshine. Today is rainy, dark and windy. So wet that I slipped over at the supermarket and bruised my elbow. Then when I made it out to the car – after the bank card didn’t want to work – the car was out of petrol! And it’s my 72nd birthday! Ray of sunshine indeed!

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