2295. Heirs and cousins

I am something like the 274th heir in line to the Spanish throne. My great great great grandfather had been deposed by a younger brother. If that hadn’t happened I’d be the first in line today. I should really lay claims, but I’d have to get rid of the current monarch first!

However, I’m perfectly content with the life I have. I don’t have to lay awake all night worrying about the crown jewels or whether the Prime Minister is ruining the economy. Instead I’m happy to do what I’m doing and enjoy home life with my wife and four daughters.

Of course being European royalty – no matter how distant – basically means I’m related to almost every royal personage in the Old World!  A lot of inbreeding went on back then. There was a fuss when I myself got married because my wife is my third cousin twice removed. Some said I was asking for trouble. But it was distant enough not to matter.

Besides, I quite enjoy being married to the Queen of Spain.

29 thoughts on “2295. Heirs and cousins

  1. Sarah Angleton

    This one demands a sequel. No one can off a spouse more creatively than you can. But I’m betting laying a claim to the throne would be a lot more effort than just murdering 273 people and that might be too much blood even for you.

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