2289. The marriage proposal

Desiree had thought about this moment for years. She had imagined it over and over. And now the time had come. In fact the moment had come and gone. It was nothing like she had imagined.

She had always wondered what the circumstances of a marriage proposal would be. Would it be over a romantic candlelight dinner? Would it be in a garden full of flowers and birdsong? Would it be in an orchard with bright red apples shining against a blue sky? Would it be…?

Then she met Liam. Her dreams intensified. She knew Liam was to be the one. He was such a romantic too. Whatever scheme he was to invent in order to propose marriage it was destined to be exotic and quixotic. And now the moment had come!

Liam was driving his old truck to pick up some garden compost from the Garden Centre for his parents. Desiree tagged along too as she often did. Then out of the blue Liam said, “I suppose we should get married” and Desiree said, “I ‘spose so”.

And that was it. It was perfect.


23 thoughts on “2289. The marriage proposal

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    Awesome! If I may bore you…we were coming up on July 4th 1999, that very American holiday lol, and I asked Jennifer…what are you doing July 4th weekend?…lets get married….and yes we did.

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  2. Catxman

    I must be a sourpuss and not a romantic, because this seems like pro-female propaganda. All weddings seem designed for the bride, with the man as the mere mandatory accessory to make it all go. She’s the center of attention and it’s her whims that are met.

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      1. Sarah Angleton

        It’s the large screen at a stadium that displays the action for the people in the cheap seats at the top and where less considerate men occasionally pop the question in front of 40,000 of the couple’s closest friends. I probably didn’t spell it right. It might even be one of those words that lacks a uniform spelling.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Thanks for that – it all makes sense. The things I looked up mentioned sports, and flat screens and goodness knows what, I can certainly see why you would prefer not to have the question popped over a jumbotron!



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