2287. Restaurant protest

That woman is unbelievably rude. I wanted to just have a quiet meal now that we’re allowed once again to frequent restaurants. But oh no! She has turned my quiet meal into a political event. She’s been going around all the tables asking people if they’ve been inoculated. I think she means vaccinated. If anyone says they’re not inoculated she points them out to the whole restaurant.

I know the restaurant manager has been out twice and told her to settle down. She’s loud and disruptive. She hasn’t even ordered yet. I think I’ve had enough and will be leaving pretty soon. This is the third time my wife has done this.

25 thoughts on “2287. Restaurant protest

  1. Sarah Angleton

    I have a cousin whose wife is extremely Covid aware. Whenever I see them together, they are both wearing masks and the conversation always turns toward vaccination. When I see only him, he isn’t wearing a mask and we have a lovely chat. I guess sometimes you have to pick your battles.

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  2. mickmar21

    Regardless of which camp you sit in regards vaccination displays like this are pointless and inflammatory. Just like all the vitriol and name calling on both sides is pathetic as it just creates division within society and entrenches people in their camp of choice.

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