2279. Trout tickling

There was a time when my family was extremely happy. There was my mother and father, and my sister, and my twin brother. We’re identical twins.

Disaster arrived when my parents decided to have a boy who was a ward of the state to stay with us over the summer. His name was Rene Leschallier de Lisle and he had a carrot up his bum. He was the same age as me and my brother and we were meant to look after him and be nice to him and let him join in with everything we did. So we were prepared to do that and all he did was not join in anything and complain about it. I can see why his own parents rejected him and he’d been passed on from one foster home to another.

It was proving to be the worst summer break ever in my whole life. Then one day we asked him – me and my brother – if he wanted to come trout fishing in the river and he said yes. Thank goodness he wanted to do something although we weren’t looking forward to having his company much while we went fishing.

When we got there he did an amazing thing: he tickled a trout. I always thought that trout tickling was a fiction but he showed us that it was true. Then he showed us how to do it. It was a bit like trying to hold a bar of soap in the bath. It is illegal of course but we went home with more trout than we were allowed to and we hadn’t even used the fishing line.

After that we couldn’t shut Rene Leschallier de Lisle up. He was interested in everything and the rest of the summer was a lot of fun.

Then as the summer ended our parents asked him if he wanted to stay with us permanently and he said yes. And my brother and I were very pleased.


36 thoughts on “2279. Trout tickling

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      It’s partly from a tale my cousin Jane told me… When she was a little girl another little girl came for the summer and Jane took her to the river. Jane was wearing – she said – a brown skirt and she caught a trout in her skirt. She was showing off to the little girl. She took the fish home and her parents thought she was showing off and made her take the fish back to the river because “she didn’t have a license”! Jane told me (she’s now in her 70s) that in retrospect her parents were secretly rather impressed!

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  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    After reading this yesterday I watched youtube videos on trout tickling and also noodling for Catfish….my goodness I was lost in that for two hours! It’s all your fault!
    Nice story though.

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