2277. Bettine goes window shopping

Bettine had no idea what hit her. One minute she was walking down the street window shopping and the next minute she was lying squashed under an eight tonne slab of concrete that had fallen from a construction site.

38 thoughts on “2277. Bettine goes window shopping

          1. observationblogger

            Believe me I tried making an appointment. Here, it’s bedlam. It’s like something out of a sick dystopian movie. My only means to make the time go faster in the line was a conversation I had with a sweet Venezuelan lass. I bought us a Pastel and coffee. I thought they would run out of vaccines again and she kept telling me, ‘be positive’. 4 hours later the needle went in. God bless them. My kids were vaccinated this morning. Hmm. To go out anywhere here everyone needs to show their vaccination pass whether it be a restaurant or cinema. It’s scary stuff Bruce.

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