2268. Dulcie’s French onion soup

Dulcie was having the worst day possible. She had planned to have a lovely day. She would potter in the sunshine in her garden and in the evening when the day turned chilly she would light the fire and cook up a big comforting dish of French onion soup.

The first crisis occurred when she realized she was out of bread. The local baker usually had a little of yesterday’s bread. Stale bread was best for onion soup. She would get some of that. No sooner had she left the baker’s in her car when she hit a pedestrian. Dulcie had been driving at a fair speed and the pedestrian appeared from nowhere. It was an old lady with a walker. It wasn’t Dulcie’s fault but it certainly contributed to her day not going well.

Upon eventually arriving home she realized that she was out of onions. Why oh why hadn’t she checked before she left home the first time? It was back into the car.

As she passed the spot where she had hit the little old lady it was a great relief. Clearly someone must have found the body. It had been taken away.

17 thoughts on “2268. Dulcie’s French onion soup

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      There’s a phrase in one of Katherine Mansfield’s short stories (called “Bliss”) where the aspiring hoity-toity artist says “Tomato soup is so dreadfully eternal”. I LOL every time I read it.

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