Poem 105: Awake the dawn

 Boasting rooster in quick morning light will awake the dawn.
 Blue moon rising in the dead of night will awake the dawn.

 Some children like to snuggle up in warmth and stay in bed,
 Yet they on Christmas day with delight will awake the dawn.

 The disenchanted lover wanders home alone to mope;
 Life has lost its spark, and moans of plight will awake the dawn.

 The forest sleeps, yet creatures roam its depths in well-worn paths;
 Myriads of birds defying quiet will awake the dawn.

 A rosebud waits unopened, well hid in corner garden;
 Its courageous opening petals bright will awake the dawn.

 And Bruce entrapped inside by winter’s callous frozen clutch,
 Spreading wings in spring and taking flight will awake the dawn.

To hear the poem read aloud click HERE.

13 thoughts on “Poem 105: Awake the dawn

      1. noelleg44

        I’m past caring. The pool (Olympic size, so it’s huge and cools slowly) was 72, a bit chilly, and since it was only in the high 60s with a breeze my head got cold. But I managed about 45 laps. I’ve ordered a wet suit, so I can look like an Orca!

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  1. umashankar

    In the age of Internet, it seems if you you blink you miss an eternity. I am travelling, and did I have a clue you will post such an exquisite ghazal!

    It is a perfectly composed piece whose lyrically invoked images are mated with simplest possible diction. The flow of the stream swings at each turn of the couplet and rushes to the end before you even realise, leaving in its aftermath a string of powerful imagery. The sleeping and yet alive forest, the crow and the cumulative birdsong, the disillusioned, forlorn lover, the desolate yet beautiful rose, and the poet in winter’s callous frozen clutch, they all stand in a world of their own and yet connected through the lingering melancholy in their respective bosoms. At the same time, the imminent dawn in each iteration holds a tenuous promise. I am sure you would have achieved a similar effect regardless of the format, but the vehicle of ghazal seems particularly appropriate for the mood and the message.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Uma. I was feeling a bit down about it – as so many “followers” have disappeared; but your wonderful response has told me to get off my backside and do some more. I was thinking of giving up poetry altogether but you have spurred me on!

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  2. Pleasant Street

    This is so lovely! It touches on many emotions, especially the blues, and hope, and joy.

    p.s. It is WordPress’ fault you are losing some followers. I never unfollowed you, but found you once more because I saw your book reviewed on Uma’s blog. I’m glad to be back to read you again.

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