Dear friends

This is an announcement!

For fifteen days starting tomorrow I shall be posting here, chapter by chapter, my new “book”! It is not a big book. Each of the fifteen chapters is only a couple of pages with a smattering of photos. The usual story-a-day will resume on 2nd October.

This book is called My Neck of the Woods: roads travelled, houses lived. It is really a collection of vignettes of my life over the last twenty years – taking as a unifying theme the houses I have lived in. (In my 71 years I have lived at 36 different addresses – I think).

Those of you who enjoyed my first book of autobiographical vignettes, Bits of a Boyhood, might also enjoy this, although possibly life these days doesn’t hold the same charm as those earlier years!

When all is posted I shall make a downloadable pdf file and put a link in the header of this blog as has been done for other stuff.

Give it a read if you wish – else the stories will recontinue at the start of October! Thanks.


18 thoughts on “Dear friends

      1. Sarah Angleton

        I have a few loyal readers following it. I got a bonus from Amazon, too, apparently because I have such high engagement. If my level of engagement is considered high, then I suspect they haven’t put much into launching the platform. It’s pretty buried on the Amazon site. People have a hard time finding it even when I’m directly walking them through it. But at least the story is no longer gathering dust on my hard drive.

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