2241. A snarling snake

When Alison got the tattoo on her right buttock she was terrified her parents would find out. The tattoo was of a snarling snake crawling in and out of a skull. It was to let her ex-boyfriend know what she thought about him. How he would find out is anyone’s guess.

Alison’s parents had absolutely forbidden her to get a tattoo – “You can get a tattoo when you turn eighteen, but at present being only fourteen is too young to know what you want permanently on your arms.”  But fourteen year old Alison took things into her own hands and got her buttock tattooed where no one could see – well not her parents anyway.

It was quite fun for a week at school, sharing with her friends and giving friends a peek. Rather quickly the admiration wore off.

When she turned eighteen Alison paid the earth to get the tattoo removed.

23 thoughts on “2241. A snarling snake

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    Bruce it’s not hard to make me feel stupid because I’m pretty much there…but I had to look up “paid the earth”…I’m always learning at your site.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Bloomin heck Max. I had to look up what a Hail Mary in football was! Every country has its own idioms. I think USA says “In the bonnies”. Australia says “Beyond the black stump”, and New Zealand says “In the whop-whops”.

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      1. umashankar

        I would leave the contemplations on appropriateness of the snake on her buttock to psychoanalysts and endocrinologists. As regards the thanklessness of the offspring, a prominent school of thought opines that the children do not owe a dime to their parents, and caring for children is repayment of the debt that we owe to our parents for having taken our care. I realise it is a rather fatalistic approach to the conundrum of enforcing discipline in children and thus keeping them out of the harm’s way, for although they may have the information, they lack wisdom that only time can teach.

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