2215. Wonderful chicken

(The final day, Day 7 of a week of retelling traditional folktales.)

A woman gave birth to a chicken. One day the chicken spread a cloth on the ground and it turned into a palace and the chicken changed into a beautiful princess.

A prince fell in love with the princess, and when that happened the palace changed back into a cloth and the princess back into a chicken.

The prince took the chicken and made a nest for it next to his bed. When the chicken once again changed into a princess, the prince gathered the feathers and threw them into the fire. The spell was broken.

And they all lived happily ever after.

21 thoughts on “2215. Wonderful chicken

  1. Herb

    So many questions to ask. What did the woman do to wind up giving birth to a chicken (or do I really not want to know?)? How did the chicken get the cloth? How did the chicken spread out the cloth? Where did the cloth come from, Magic-Cloths-R-Us? He was a real prince to make a nest for the chicken after the palace turned back into a cloth but the smell of burning feathers? Yikes!
    but I know, none of this matters because they all lived happily ever after.

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  2. Catxman

    Liked it. I prefer dark endings in general, but today I have a yen for a happy ending. I was feeling shitty earlier, but now I’ve recovered my energy levels and am approaching things with a … princely demeanor …

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      1. Catxman

        A lot of folk tales are surprisingly grim or serious. The one with the brother and sister pushing the witch in her own oven is pretty brutal when you come to think of it. There are others like that. What passed for PG-13 in the old days would shock today’s moralizing censors.

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