2210. The cost of a lawyer

(Day 3 of a week of retelling traditional folktales.)

What a beautiful dog! But did it have bad manners or what? It walked straight into a butcher’s shop, tail wagging, and stole a leg of lamb.

The butcher asked a lawyer, “Can I sue a dog owner?”

“I don’t see why not,” said the lawyer.

“Well,” said the butcher, “it’s your dog. You owe me twenty-four dollars and eleven cents.”

“My consultation fee is eight hundred,” said the lawyer. “You owe me the difference.”

11 thoughts on “2210. The cost of a lawyer

  1. Catxman

    Very clever.

    You’re a bit of a bastard aren’t you Bruce? I like that. Not just sly, but cleverly tough.

    Unfortunately for soft-hearted people everywhere, we live in a tough world. If you give up every time adversity rears its ugly head, you’re sunk before you start.

    The trick is to pick your battles wisely and husband your strength. You don’t want to be living the Tasmanian Devil of cartoon fame, always spinning around. You want to be more like Bugs Bunny, defying convention with a carrot in your mouth.

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