2206. Cedar of Lebanon

What a magnificent specimen the Cedar of Lebanon was! It was near the front of Gordon’s property. Gordon thought it was maybe fifty, sixty, even a hundred years old.

It had been named “Tree of the Year” in his village. His village did that annually; name a Tree of the Year. It was a way of encouraging people to “think green”. Think conservation at every turn! That was the cry of the village. Help save the planet.

And that’s what Gordon strove to do. Some sacrifices have to be made to save the planet, although it broke his heart. He cut down the Cedar of Lebanon. It was shading his solar panels.

20 thoughts on “2206. Cedar of Lebanon

  1. Catxman

    Now, I’m trying to figure, was the cedar of Lebanon the sweet-smelling tree that went extinct when it was overharvested? I think it was. We’ve really got to stop wiping out species on this planet that’s under our stewardship. I’m reading THE GOD SPECIES right now, and it advocates for an aggressive, positive control of the planet Earth and I agree with its statements.

    — Catxman


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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Well someone called it the cedar of Lebanon – it’s just outside my bedroom window (as in the photo) and I presumed they were referring to the tree. Care for the planet most certainly; I live on a cow farm so the methane is pretty thick. I also live next to a volcano which makes things even thicker.

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