2203. The lockdown

The city was about to declare another lockdown. Stephanie rushed out and bought a substantial amount of toilet paper. With three teenagers in the house, toilet paper was one thing not to run short on.

How lucky was she! She got the last packet of toilet paper in town. The shop shelves were practically empty. Stephanie felt a little triumphant!

However, her household quickly ran out of soap, and toothpaste, and kitchen detergent, and laundry detergent, and deodorant, and…

That’s when water restrictions set in.

16 thoughts on “2203. The lockdown

  1. Catxman

    Barren shelves remind me of the ex-Soviet Union. There, you waited in line to grab a special item that appeared out of nowhere: maybe Polish pickles, maybe Russian greatcoats. But if you were unlucky, just as you approached the front payout line the store apparatchik would announce that they were all out of the items in question …

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      1. Catxman

        The Romanians were in a slightly different boat than the Soviets themselves. As a satellite nation in the grip of Moscow, they were able to make certain local decisions that flew under the radar of Moscow’s eyes. Their dictator, Ceaușescu, was a harsh man but he had a little leeway of action and he used it. All the satellite states did. The Czechs and the Hungarians went the farthest, but they got smashed by Moscow for it. Romania dabbled with Communism’s edges a bit and were allowed to function.

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