2202. A good plumber is hard to find

Tilly had called the plumber three times. Three times apparently was not enough. The dishwasher had overflowed several times all over the kitchen floor. Tilly had to resort to doing the dishes by hand.

That’s the trouble with modern tradesmen; they don’t seem to care. They don’t seem to want to make a living. There it was in black and white in the phone book: Jeffcott and Son Ltd – You can rely on us.

Tilly had had enough. She would try them for a fourth time and if she had no luck she wouldn’t know what to do but for sure she wouldn’t be trying them again. If only there was more than one plumber in town. Not only did she phone a fourth time, but when they said they would be of no help she gave them an earful.

That’s the trouble when needing a plumber and one phones the electrician.

22 thoughts on “2202. A good plumber is hard to find

  1. umashankar

    Not far enough in future Tilly may have dishwasher a that would auto-repair itself or phone the correct technician and failing both would auto-destruct itself. I wonder if particular a brand of dishwashers, such as Brugman, would have a terminal module that would eliminate the owner herself in order to address the problem. Of course, the technology would be patented.

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