2194. Life in the swamp

Ever since Janet had been a tadpole she had greatly admired the head frog, Queen Japonica. Queen Japonica’s greatest feature was that she didn’t let fear rule her life. If it was a sunny day she would bask in the shallow waters with the water barely covering her back.

“It is idyllic lying in both water and sunshine. Only a fool would fear the wading birds messing around in the swamp. Fear of wading oystercatchers is an unnecessary fear. I need to rest after laying so many eggs. Besides, as their name suggests, oystercatchers aren’t interested in frogs.”

And now Janet herself had grown into a stunningly beautiful frog. She still admired Queen Japonica greatly.

“That frog is almost a goddess,” said Janet. “She fears nothing, and rightly so.”

It therefore came as a great surprise when Charlie, the Head Sycophant in the Frog Court, approached Janet, bowed low and said, “Your Majesty – you are now queen.”

“Goodness gracious,” declared Janet. “What on earth happened to that magnificent queen we had?”

“Sadly, she passed away last Friday.”

“I first shall mourn for the late Queen Japonica,” said Janet.

“Japonica?” declared a surprised Head Sycophant. “Japonica was queen forty frogs ago. Queen Frogs keep getting eating by oystercatchers while basking in the sun. However I can understand your misunderstanding; we frogs all look the same.”

15 thoughts on “2194. Life in the swamp

  1. jeannejam40

    I once took a canoeing trip across the Okefenokee Swamp. I saw boo coo turtles and alligators basking in logs in the swamp, which has a beauty all.it’s own! This is where I had the most spiritual experience of my life. We were camping on a small island and making our supper we we were invaded by three racoons, not afraid of people, who were trying very sneakily to steal.our supper with some success. We did not purposely feed them but they got quite a bit! It was a thoroughly amusing sight. Later we were all.sitting around the campfire as the guide told stories about the swamp when he shushed us all and told us to quietly look to his right, a deer came rambling out of the forest about 15 or_20 feet away, she stood still and turned her head to look at us for 10 or 15 seconds then decided we were not interesting so ambled down to the waters edge to get an evening drink! Wow! If that was not enough about a half an hour later he again stopped and said slowly look to the edge of the campfire light! The most incredible sight ever, FIREFLIES from ground level to about 8 feet completely surrounded us, blinking majestically! This was of course before cell phones so no pictures but a memory I will never forget! That was the highlights of a truly fantastic trip, where I developed a fondness for the swamp!

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