2183. Broken coffee maker

When Irene’s coffee making machine broke down she could have cried. In fact, she did. After all these years it was one of the few things left that she and her husband, Dalton, had purchased together. They had been married for forty-one years, and then he died of chronic heart disease. One by one the things they had shared together broke or got dismantled. The worst example was the passing of their cat, Topsy. Now it was the coffee machine.

With sadness Irene tossed it in the trash. But she kept the jug that was part of it. What she would do with it she had no idea. From now on it would be instant coffee in the morning. Who can afford a new coffee machine when on the pension?

She did however take herself off to the second hand shop. Sometimes one stumbled across a bargain. And there it was! An almost new coffee maker! It was a different brand from her previous one. It was well within her budget. She bought it instantly. The man looking after the shop, his name was Taylor, said he’d thought about buying it himself. His coffee machine at home had a broken jug.

Irene had the perfect solution! Her jug was the perfect match! She would drop it off at his home.

That was a few months ago. They now have two coffee makers in the kitchen.

21 thoughts on “2183. Broken coffee maker

      1. Yvonne

        I have had 2 doses of AstraZeneca, so I am lucky. Supply has been poor, so the percentage of those vaccinated is very low. Except if you’re a politician, I suppose.
        So young, so cynical.
        What is the situation like in NZ re the vaccine and rollout. Someone like you, with a health issue, should be near the front of the queue. I can write a letter 8to your Heath Minister. That’s sure to help. Maybe he/she can watch for shopping lists at the same time.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          They had said that the vaccine would be available late May. So far they’re still giving it to politicians and wharfies. Stratford where I live won’t even have a come and get your injection centre – one will have to drive to New Plymouth 30 minutes away. My sister has had hers – she lives in Palmerston North (about 3 hours from here).

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