2182. A can of worms

Scarlett was forever muddling up her phraseology. For example, she would say “The early bird opens a can of worms”, and “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw in the towel”.

Because of her talent in this area she was invited to speak at the Writer Guild’s Annual Dinner. Here is part of her speech. Perhaps many of you can contribute, in the comments below, other phrases from her speech that you recall?

When things heat up I just give them the cold shoulder.

I see that it didn’t take long for the vultures to come out of the woodwork.

Don’t be a bad apple and bark up the wrong tree.

A bird in the hand shouldn’t beat around the bush.

As a couch potato she’s as cool as a cucumber.

I thought it was food for thought but I’ll have to eat my words.

I know she’ll spill the beans and let the cat out of the bag.

Some say it’s a piece of cake, but I find that hard to swallow.

He was a shark feathering his own nest.

Feel free to comment: Don’t be up in the air and keep your head in the sand. Better to let it all hang out than be tight-lipped.

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