2177. The flukes of life

Kelsey had been invited to two things at the same time on the same day. She couldn’t make up her mind; did she want to go on a day’s fishing trip with a group from the Marine Club, or did she want to help her friend Jasmine run the stall selling pickled gherkins at the Saturday Market?

In the end she chose helping Jasmine at the market selling pickled gherkins. There was nothing wrong with going on a day’s fishing trip out to sea, but it seemed a bit selfish when Jasmine was trying to get some money to help get her young brother’s bicycle fixed.

Apparently the fishing trip people had a great time and caught lots of fish. Back ashore they all went to the pub and had a great evening recalling the day’s events.

Not much happened with Kelsey at the pickled gherkin stall. Nothing happened that is until Errol came along to purchase a jar of the product. Kelsey and Errol have been married now for just on forty-five years. They have five children, and eight grandchildren.

Thank goodness for pickled gherkins.

17 thoughts on “2177. The flukes of life

  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    Bruce…some days you are like a black magician pulling out malevolent tricks from a hat….and then other days…rare but still there…sunshine and sentimental!

    I like this one.

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  2. dumbestblogger

    Interestingly enough, Errol bought the pickles after a day of fishing with his friends. He could have gone to the bar, but there weren’t any interesting girls in the group, so he opted to grab a jar of pickles and go home.

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