2162. House party

Rain didn’t dampen the celebrations. Marsha and Elva had been together in a relationship for forty years. They would invite their many friends around for a barbeque. They were a popular couple. Perhaps as many as fifty turned up to celebrate, including many neighbours.

Their back yard was roomy, even though their house was on the small side. The barbeque was lit. The rain began. My goodness! Did it rain!

Everyone crowded into the small house. What a squeeze! The rain would soon pass. Such joviality! People always make the most of a turn of events. There was breathing room only!

And then it happened. It was the biggest earthquake since 1848.


26 thoughts on “2162. House party

          1. Yvonne

            Okay. you were trying to change the introduction to the comments section. I was no help, and you were going to leave a query with the hypothetical Happiness Engineers of WordPress to find out where to do that. Does that stir any memories??

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  1. Sarah Angleton

    Yikes! This was my house last weekend, minus the earthquake thank goodness. I was a little concerned we might get a tornado warning which would have sent everyone into the basement where we shoved all the mess.

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      1. Sarah Angleton

        When we were moving to the Pacific Northwest several years ago, I told our realtor we had to have a basement. He laughed at me and explained that they had earthquakes, not tornadoes, and that we probably wouldn’t find a house with a basement. We didn’t. And it was really strange to me. Also, a tornado touched down not five miles south of us within a couple months of our move. I never did experience an earthquake.

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