2148. Rest in peace

When widower Michael died he left in his will (apart from a few practical things) a beautiful recommendation to his five adult children:

Treat one another and care for one another as I would care for you all if I was still alive.

Mona said that since she had looked after their father in the last two months of his life she had full right to get a greater share of their father’s savings.

Colin said that since Preston lived in Australia, apart from the occasional communication, he deserved little in the way of inheritance. He might as well not have existed.

Preston said that on the contrary; he may have lived in Australia but he maintained more contact with his father than a number who lived close by. Inez, for example, lived only ten minutes away from their father and never visited.

Inez said that as far as she was concerned Adele wasn’t entitled to any of the inheritance. We have watched her and her husband squander their life’s savings on drink, and I’m not going to watch father’s well-earned money get flushed down the toilet.

Adele said that she had been her father’s favourite and it was only fair that she should get father’s house. Besides, Mona’s oldest son was in rehab for drug taking. That alone should count Mona out.

Colin said Adele could buy the four-fifths of the house that wasn’t hers; he wanted the car.

Mona reckoned…

Whatever… court cases are pending.


38 thoughts on “2148. Rest in peace

  1. Herb

    My dad finished his life with a Walmart bag of stuff so there was nothing to fight about. Except my one brother found a way. * sigh * Sorry. I meant to say something clever.

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              I know how you feel. A few years ago I enthusiastically went to a 50 year school reunion and most people didn’t remember me – even though I had a fabulous personality and played the piano.

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              1. colinmcqueen

                School reunions are just WEIRD. After 50 years you all immediately settle back into the hierarchy of yesteryear; teenage passions are rekindled; nicknames not heard for half a century re-emerge and you wake up the next morning with a throbbing head, nits and threadworm…

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                  1. colinmcqueen

                    You never KNEW you got nits. You could have been the asymptomatic superspreader. I can still remember the name of the shampoo, Suleo, fifty years on. On my childhood estate, if you did not have nits, threadworm and ringworm, you were ostracised. He who had scabies was king!

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