2145. Lucky cow

I’ve always thought the number seven was my lucky number. I don’t know why but I suppose it’s because I was born on the seventh of the month. And besides it’s the number of days in a week. Seven! Seven! Seven! What could be luckier?

Then, would you believe, when the farmer gave me an ear tag it was number seven. It was so surreal! So wonderful! I am such a lucky, lucky cow! And to top off the excitement, today we are going in a big truck they say for a picnic. Can my good fortune get more exhilarating than that? It’s to the grounds of a big mansion called Abattoir – it sounds so very French and exotic. Oh this can only be my lucky day!

16 thoughts on “2145. Lucky cow

  1. umashankar

    That’s a good lesson why one should never overwork one’s lucky charm. If the cow was lucky enough, it’s turn will come within 7 hours of reaching there and it will die within 7 seconds of being put under the saws.

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