2144. Courtesy quandary

Anton and Anthea had this thing going ever since they were married. Anton always said “Anthea and Anton…” and Anthea always put the names in that order as well.

“You should put the other person first,” said Anton, “and not put yourself first. You should say ‘Anton and Anthea’ and I should say ‘Anthea and Anton’.”

It always inevitably led to an argument. Anthea thought it only proper that the wife’s name should come first. “It’s like a man stepping aside and opening a door for the woman,” she said.

“That’s sexist,” said Anton. “These days courtesy would demand that the man steps aside for the woman and the woman steps aside for the man. Whoever gets to the door first.”

“What nonsense,” declared Anthea. “It has been the custom for thousands of years that the woman comes first. It’s Anthea and Anton and that’s definite.”

Anyway, these days it doesn’t matter; it’s Anthea and Zachary, and Anton and Priscilla.

27 thoughts on “2144. Courtesy quandary

  1. observationblogger

    Yeh, I’ve read it’s misogynist these days that a man open a door for a woman or stand when she approaches or leaves a table. It’s more equalitarian we enter at both the same time and our adjoining hips continually bump the doorway until someone yells from behind ‘He’s shown he’s one of us. You can let them in now’. The woke crowd in line behind, applaud in numbers adjoined at the hips of-course.

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      1. observationblogger

        That’s sexist what you went through Bruce. You should have been able to walk adjoined at the hips (speaking – metrosexually) to admire the same shops on the same side as each other and bump your ways against narrow doorway entrances awaiting the green light from those that ‘truly know’ if your actions were egalitarian enough.
        It’s staggering how far we have progressed as a society and hopefully, the two sexes will one day be classed as equal to the other and biological differences eradicated. Good times await all.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          I knew this old man who always said when someone stepped aside to let him through a doorway and they said “Age before beauty” – he would always say “Pearls before swine” and walk through first.


          1. dumbestblogger

            My favorite Twain is “The Prince and The Pauper,” which is a bit less heavy on dialect then some of his other works. I feel like I owe the guy some amount of loyalty due to the fact that I’ve lived the majority of my life in close proximity to the Mississippi River.

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