2103. Georgina’s son was a genius.

Georgina’s son was a genius.

“My son is a genius,” Georgina said.

“I can’t believe how clever your son is,” said Isabella.

“I’ve never taught anyone of this quality before,” said Gertrude.

“He’s a walking-talking brain,” declared Herman.

“Does he get his quickness from his mother or his father?” asked Natali.

“He devours knowledge like a dinosaur devoured whatever it was they devoured,” said Angelo.

On and on went the rave statements about what a genius Georgina’s son was. And it was true. He was indeed the most boring person anyone had ever met.

26 thoughts on “2103. Georgina’s son was a genius.

  1. Vishal Dominic

    Processing…Processing…So we the conglomerate of geniuses searched Georgina’s son’s brain for cookies of high perception but all we found was error 404 or 2 or 3 bits. No, not smart at all. Negative…negative…

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