2102. Enough to make you sickle

When will the rain stop? Sabrina gazed out the window and sighed. The summer school break was about to begin. She had enough problems finding things for Travis to do when the sun was shining. But a summer of rain? Goodness.

Travis was a boy who liked his own company. He wasn’t forever going and playing with friends. He liked to do things on his own, such as mowing the lawn and picking fruit. He liked fixing things and working out how things worked.

Sabrina was not keen that he spend all his summer time sitting at the computer. And there it was; the summer break had begun! And rain, rain, rain.

Was that a break in the clouds? “Why don’t you mow the lawn even though the grass is wet?” suggested Sabrina. So he did, and after half an hour the lawn mower died.

Rising to the challenge Travis purchased an old sickle. He read on line how to use it safely – with a sweeping arm motion away from the body. Before long he got the knack of it. Rain or not, he couldn’t wait for the grass to grow! The place was a picture.

“How do you manage, with all this rain,” asked many a passer-by, “to keep your place so tidy?”

“Travis uses a sickle,” said Sabrina proudly.

It wasn’t long before someone reported Sabrina for allowing her son to use a dangerous implement. Social Services called. Such irresponsibility trusting a boy with a hazardous sickle.

Yeah, like a motor mower is any safer.

28 thoughts on “2102. Enough to make you sickle

  1. craig

    What Travis needs is one of them motor-sickles, but what with a side-car, and leathers, and riding gloves, and a helmet, and the social services person in the detachable side-car, at least when they set out on the ride. I hear them side-cars are prone to separate on the sharp turns of a canyon road with no guardrails. That’s what I hear, mind ya.

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          1. observationblogger

            I remember you saying your eyes were bothering you in an earlier post. I’m sorry to read that. Do you know what condition you suffer from? My mother asks me constantly to have checks for Glaucoma since it’s very prevalent in our family. I had a check up recently and all came back clear. Your medical coverage doesn’t extend to optometrics?

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  2. noelleg44

    My dad used a sickle to cut really long grass – he sharpened it, too, and trained my brother to use it. I can only guess what he would have said if Social Services showed up. They would have been strickle with the trickle of his words.

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  3. Vishal Dominic

    This is happening these days. Some Santa denied a kid a toy gun. The video is on YouTube. “No guns!” He said and made the boy cry. Great realism Bruce. As always.

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