2091. A warning to the Argentinosaurus

When Dong White, Professor of Entomology at the university, was asked a simple question he went into contortions. The question, asked by a student, was simply, “Why do most species of bees have stripes?” Suddenly Dong White realized the answer to a question he had been pursuing all his intellectual life. Stripes on bees had evolved during, and even possibly predating, the Age of the Dinosaurs. Stripes acted as a warning to the Argentinosaurus, and other long-necked dinosaurs, not to come and pinch honey from the bees’ nests. If they did pinch, they would get stung.

These days, of course, stripes on bees are a hang-over from those days. Today, only giraffes could reach a bees’ nest high in a tree, but giraffes don’t eat honey.

Professor Dong White wrote a lengthy article on his insight and sent it to Scientific America for consideration. He had had other entomological papers published before. Why do bees have stripes? was sure to be a winner.

The magazine was kind enough to return the Professor’s paper. But scribbled at the top were the words: What a load of crap.

20 thoughts on “2091. A warning to the Argentinosaurus

  1. umashankar

    In the olden days, stripes were worn by the social outcasts such as prisoners, criminals, clowns, cutthroats, hangmen etc., people or creatures who could sting. Back to our enlightened days, embellishments such as stripes are worn by the socially enlightened and the and editors, other than tigers and lawyers.

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  2. noelleg44

    Some discerning editors there! I just had to look up the subject, and yes those stripes are warning coloration, but the consensus is that it’s not particularly helpful to bees. The stingers are! Thanks for my diversion of the day!

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  3. Sarah Angleton

    Dong is obviously too intelligent for the likes of Scientific American. Their readership isn’t nearly sophisticated enough for such challenging and critical research. Perhaps he should write a children’s book instead about a giraffe who decides to try to eat honey. I think there could be a valuable lesson in that. I don’t know what it is, but Dong is smart. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

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