2081. It’s off to work we go

Joseph didn’t have much to go on. He would go to work each morning, which was a 68 kilometre round trip through heavy traffic, and his salary paid for the gas and the car maintenance and occasionally a bite to eat at lunchtime. He gradually (actually not too gradually) was falling into deeper and deeper debt. He worked out that he would be better off not going to work but to stay home and see if he could find the odd job online and grow stuff to eat in his backyard.

At least that’s the story he told the homeless shelter people.

33 thoughts on “2081. It’s off to work we go

  1. Vishal D

    The ending is brutal. I reckon people will react to this story in two ways. Either they’ll despise Joseph the layabout and like how you’ve captured the justifications of a lazy man which you’ve done really well. Or they might sympathise (or in extreme cases) empathise with him. Perhaps he was a lunatic and not suited for the 9-5. In the end, I can see someone like Ayn Rand writhing in her grave and calling him a moocher!

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      1. Vishal D

        They are just the ramblings of a caffeinated madman, and it’s two in the morning here lol. Not a good time to drink energy drinks and write essay length comments!

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      1. Herb

        True. Although someitmes you will hear (I have volunteered at a place or two and in our younger days we needed a place) interesting stories of how a person wound up where they are. Drugs, alcohol, mental illness and there are a significant number of people who are homeless and live that way by choice. It is hard to believe unless you have actually talked to someone.
        Sorry to make such a rambling comment with nothing particularly witty to say but occasionally you touch on subjects that elicit a bit of seriousness.

        I know. I’m going to say something witty. Something witty.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Lucky bastard – the power company here is threatening to cut the electricity and the bank is cutting all access to the internet because I’m ten dollars in unpermissible overdraft. So how can I pay the bill online? – the bank is an hour’s drive away to attend to it personally and there’s no money for the gas. Sorry to sound off – but one of my big regrets is never being able to help you out in your need a bit back. I’d swear (pretty profusely) as I know how you felt but apparently it’s not that acceptable! Anyway – Mozart died a pauper – except I’m no Mozart LOL!

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      1. badfinger20 (Max)

        You did it well! It’s funny…I have thought of something like that before. It stayed a thought because I didn’t want to end up beside Joesph.

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