2072. Strum strum

Ronald was a school teacher. He taught little kids (I won’t give the Year because it differs from country to country). He occasionally played the guitar while the kids sang Michael Row Your Boat Ashore and stuff like that. The kids were small enough to pretend to row boats in the classroom and jump up and down like waves and dive about like dolphins.

Ronald liked to play the guitar to relax. When he came home from a long day at school he would sit at the back of his garden and strum away. He wasn’t God’s gift to the musical world, but he was good enough.

The school lacked a music teacher and no other teacher was particularly musically inclined. Could perhaps Ronald spend time going from classroom to classroom to teach the music element of the curriculum? He did that, at first enthusiastically, and then it became a little humdrum like any other job. He also volunteered to be the musical director of the annual production and he took the choir through its paces.

When he went home after a busy day at school, Ronald never went to the back of his garden to play the guitar. The guitar was a job. He had lost all interest in playing it.

21 thoughts on “2072. Strum strum

  1. dumbestblogger

    I watched a high school musical a couple years ago where the director had been teaching for thirty plus years. It was really bad. I wondered if it was any better than what he’d done thirty years earlier.

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      1. rhondasmusicdiaries

        I always wanted to perform, and I had/have that so I’m grateful.
        I have to admit, I didn’t major in music because I didn’t want to teach. In 1983 times were different. Most of my musician friends have a medical background like me, but we all have a true love of music. It’s like breathing…. we all have to do it. I learned by ear at 3 yo, so I was the difficult kind by any teachers standards. 😁

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          I had a double major at university – English and Music. When I was teaching music at high school a satisfying accomplishment was that for three years in a row at the city’s university the top science student of each year was also studying music and I had taught them!! Now that I am retired I have discovered that the local library has lunchtime concerts and I’m frequently called on for an hour’s recital! I have been making my way through various piano themes, e.g. Haydn Sonatas, Scarlatti’s Sonatas, and piano music by early African American composers. I enjoy it very much.

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          1. rhondasmusicdiaries

            How wonderful❤️ you’re so accomplished. Interesting how all these are intertwined with a love of music. I always play piano arrangements differently. I have been asked for the arrangement and embarrassingly replied “ just write down the key at the top of the lyrics” my piano style can be flowery and that is something I’m always mindful of now. I think it takes years of playing to appreciate whatever arrangement, I make it my own. The pressure’s off that way. I’m no Rachmaninov, but I tried to be😆. Love science and that’s why I chose nursing. Retirement can be so much fun though!

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