2030. Mustang Molly

(The opening sentence for this story was suggested by Badfinger20 who is Max of PowerPop. If you want to join in the fun of suggesting a future opening sentence for these stories, please leave your suggestion in the comments – only one suggestion per person!)

Sam and Molly bought a 1966 Mustang from Molly’s dad but when driving away they heard something rattling in the door panel. They hadn’t paid much for the car. It was sort of an engagement present from Molly’s parents, Mack and Laura Rice.

Mack Rice was one of these dads who couldn’t help but insinuate possible future situations. Molly and Sam had been living together for almost three years. During that time Mack had hinted about marriage and when, and engagement and when, and wedding and when. Once he even personally oversaw Laura’s frosting of Molly’s birthday cake. It looked remarkably like a wedding cake.

“Oh Daddy!” exclaimed Molly. “Is this meant to be a hint?”

And now, to celebrate their engagement – at last! at last! – Mack had sold them his prize 1966 Mustang for a song. He was as excited about the engagement as they were excited about the car! But that rattling in the door panel. Mack had never said anything about that before. It was unlikely to be a mechanical thing because not even a fly had been allowed to land on the Mustang in the fifty-four years Mack had owned it. Sam would investigate as soon as they got home.

Sam carefully removed the inside of the door panel. There it was! The cause of the noise! A baby’s rattle!

“Oh Daddy!” exclaimed Molly. “Is this meant to be a hint?”

25 thoughts on “2030. Mustang Molly

      1. disorderlyjottings

        That’s let the rattle out of the car door. Mind you, as we say in Liverpool, there are only two kinds of secret: those that aren’t worth keeping and those that are too good to keep. Your secret was definitely of the latter kind.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. badfinger20 (Max)

        You did a great job on the story. I was expecting a bloody knife but you took a different turn…no pun intended…a better one.

        Bruce my first car was a 66 Mustang. My mother…bless her heart…bought it for me in 1983 and I didn’t know it was a classic. You don’t give a 16 year old that car….

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              My favorite car would be a 1977 LTD Ford. I bought it in Boston in 1986 to get from where I lived to university. It cost me $200. In the summer I drove it down to Washington DC and up into Canada, then all over Canada and back. The only thing it did wrong was get a puncture. When I left USA I sold it for $200!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. badfinger20 (Max)

                Oh my mom had an LDT! You could run those things to death and they would keep going. You won on that deal Bruce. I remember it had a lot of room inside.

                Liked by 1 person


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