2021. Tinsel and bauble

(This is not per se a return to a daily posting but the stories stopped at Number 2020 and that was last year! So here’s a single story to bring the numbering up to date!)

Christabelle had the most beautiful (and expensive) Christmas decorations. Really, if the neighbours had seen them they would have been embarrassed by their own tree.

Two of the decorations were particularly splendid. Their names were Tinsel and Bauble. It so happened that they both ended up on the same branch of the tree.

“Oh! What a magnificent decoration!” declared Christabelle’s friend, Tawnya, when she visited.

There was still two weeks to go before Christmas, and both splendid decorations claimed that Tawnya was referring to them.

“I’m the most beautiful!” exclaimed Tinsel.

“I’m the most beautiful!” exclaimed Bauble. “Tawnya was enamoured by my beauty not yours.”

This went on for weeks. Christmas was over. New Year’s Day came and went. Tinsel and Bauble detested each other. Hate would not be too strong a word.

When Christabelle put the decorations away, Tinsel and Bauble happened to be placed next to each other in the same box.

It was going to be a long year.

17 thoughts on “2021. Tinsel and bauble

  1. Herb

    I think she meant the one scraped up one on the back that used to hang on grandma’s tree, maybe.

    I know I’m not the only one of your followers who would like to see you return to regular posting, even if not every day.

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  2. badfinger20 (Max)

    Tinsel and Bauble need their ego cut to size…time to give them to goodwill.

    For a second I thought Tawnya would do away with Christabelle to pocket the decorations.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Bruce Post author

          A longish reply which you don’t have to read… I thought Trailer Parks were the pits until I had to live in one. The people were generally nice. Except Paul (who was also very pleasant) was constantly high and worked in the near-by nuclear power plant. Every evening I would drive the prostitutes back to Charlotte because he’d “finished” and had gone to sleep. I was in the neighbouring building. Come 9/11 my partner was stuck in Germany with my bank card (we didn’t have that much money) – and the neighbours called and asked if I wanted anything. I said I’d love a cup of coffee (this is after three days). Anyway – I’d die to save these good and lovely people in this trailer park. Incidentally, Paul was a good cook and we still use his wonderful recipes! And, yes, I got coffee delivered for the next two weeks!

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