“Smoko” is the New Zealand-Australian term for taking a coffee/tea break at work (mid-morning, mid-afternoon). I’m taking a Smoko Break from posting daily on this blog for a while. There’s still plenty to read if you click on the Index Link at the top of the page!

I shall be pottering around. In the meantime, I wish everyone Season’s Greetings for which ever season you happen to be passing through!

29 thoughts on “Smoko!

  1. umashankar

    Glad to have caught you in the middle of a smoko! My tiny thinker says wherever there is smoko there is some fire to write a story or two, or a memoir. Incidentally ,those are eye-catching photographs.

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  2. disorderlyjottings

    In the “good old days” of 1970s English work ethic, we had a breakfast break, a lunch break each of around an hour, two tea breaks of twenty minutes (though extendable) and in between each of these, we had ‘smoke breaks’ of indeterminate duration. The wonder is that we ever got any work done at all. The reality is that we didn’t. Happy Christmas Bruce!

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    1. Bruce - Weave a Web Post author

      None of my recent submissions have made an appearance so I (in a stressless and compliant manner) took it to mean that they hadn’t reach the standard! I don’t think I sent you an email recently, but what’s happening to my internet goodness knows. I’m online for two minutes, off for ten. It’s a foretaste of what will happen to all in a Kamala Harris world.

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      1. Chel Owens

        Must be. :/ Can you try that e-mail anyway? Or, I have an author Facebook page you’re welcome to send a message to; an annoying character from the questionable Asian countries was able to send a note to it, so you can as well.

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