1984. Honey, I never made it

Granville had made his wife, Doreen, the most beautiful rocking chair. It had taken him months of secret working in the shed out the back. Doreen never knew what he was up to. She supposed he was simply messing about, and then one day he produced the rocking chair and said “I made this for you, Honey.”

What a beautiful chair! Carved legs! A perfect, perfect rocking motion! Even the sweetest cushion on the seat!

“What a clever husband I have!” declared Doreen. “Who would have believed?”

But the truth was, Granville had started to make a rocking chair and things didn’t work out. It was a mess, so he had a rocking chair made. It certainly was a magnificent rocking chair, but he had merely pretended to have made it himself.

“What a clever husband I have!” repeated Doreen. “Who would have believed?” She was over the moon.

Sometime later, Granville was diagnosed with a terminal disease. He grew weaker by the day. He knew, as he reviewed his life, that entrance to eternity perhaps demanded sorrow for sins. He simply had to tell Doreen about the rocking chair.

It was clear that the end was near. Granville still hadn’t confessed to Doreen. And then, with one gigantic effort he declared “Honey, I never made it”. Within seconds he was dead.

Doreen always thought, as she rocked her way through widowhood, that Granville’s final “Honey, I never made it” was some premonition that he had been refused entrance through the Pearly Gates.

17 thoughts on “1984. Honey, I never made it

  1. umashankar

    For those who believe in the Pearly Gate or equivalent portals, even one single lie is enough to invalidate one’s candidature. So if the Gate exists, Mr Granville would surely be questioned about the fib. One would appreciate, however, that intention is the most critical element of an act of commission or omission, and on which count he passes scrutiny. His intention to afford comfort to Doreen and his concern about the fact that he was not able to produce the rocking chair despite his best efforts should weigh a lot more than a lie. But of course, Doreen will never know any of it.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      Thank you. Rocking chairs are very rare here in New Zealand. When I was in the States I loved them. When I win the lottery I’m getting a rocking chair. And a house. And a car.



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