1978. Bedtime story

A change of tone… This is a fairy story to read to children at bedtime.

Once upon a time a man had three wives. The three wives were very jealous of one another. The first wife caught the second wife and put her through the mincer to make ground meat. She fed the ground meat to the third wife who died having the most terrible convulsions caused by the horrible meat.

The first wife was now the only wife left. When the husband found that she had brutally murdered the other two wives he cut her head off. Out popped a terrible venomous snake from her neck. The snake bit the husband and he died of snake poison.

Now there were four dead people. The snake escaped and has been seen only twice, each time under a bed.

I’ll turn the light out now. Sleep tight.

38 thoughts on “1978. Bedtime story

                  1. badfinger20 (Max)

                    You know what Bruce? I didn’t know they were in Nashville until last night. No…they didn’t come around at all. I feel unloved. What a pair…fill out the rest.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      I was chased by a huge goblin down our long driveway. It had great big ears and when it ran its knees went up above its head. It’s about 65 years since I had that dream and still don’t like scary things.

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