1974. Fallen off the edge

That bull outside our window has mooed ceaselessly all night and now it is horse.

Hoarse, son, not horse.

Same thing.

No it’s not. It’s spelled differently.

I’m saying it, not spelling it.

Typical youth of today. You can’t read. You talk talk talk. Or failing that, you text everything and spelling doesn’t matter.

Aha! Aha! Aha! I’ve been proved right!

How so?

That bull just had a baby and it’s a foal. So there!

There’s only A difference between foAl and fool. And bulls can’t have babies.

I give up. You’re just an anti-transgender racist. Totally illogical. And you are homophobic and use plastic. Xenophobic ageist! Come back when you can think straight about gay people and the legalization of maruwanja marjuieguiba maruawana canabas pot.

At least I’m not hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic.

17 thoughts on “1974. Fallen off the edge

  1. Timothy Price

    This is kind of like ordering a half calf, de-calf, moo juice latte. We in Rome some years ago. We went into a bar to get a coffee. There was a Spaniard in the bar just beside himself complaining “¡Pedí café con leche y conseguí mariconada espuma!” He ordered cafe con leche and got cappuccino. The foam really bothered him. We told him to order cafe latte if he wanted cafe con leche, but he didn’t understand. I finally ordered a cafe latte for him and he was happy. So much for Spaniards and Italians speaking the same language as the Spaniards used to tell us. Back to your story, in the good old US of A these days, if you are white and male, no matter our orientation, you are considered an ant-transgender racist. Your piece gave me a good chuckle all the same.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      I enjoyed your self description! It’s very hard to keep up – someone once referred to me as “that burnt-out leftie”. I find I have gravitated more and more towards “run of the mill”.

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